Iraqis march to protest Western air raids

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Blair warns: More strikes to come if Saddam remains adamant


Baghdad - Reuters

Thousands of Iraqis marched through Baghdad on Sunday to protest against
U.S. and British air raids which have drawn a chorus of international
concern and criticism from key NATO allies.

The U.N. humanitarian office in Baghdad said it had taken limited
precautions after Friday's attack on the outskirts of the Iraqi capital but
its work had not been interrupted.

Witnesses estimated more than 10,000 people took to the streets of Baghdad
on Sunday, chanting slogans against U.S. President George W. Bush, who
ordered the strike less than a month after taking office.

Demonstrators held up pictures of President Saddam Hussein and burned U.S.
and Israeli flags in the biggest protest in Baghdad since four days of
Western bombing in December 1998.

"The bombing that Iraq has been subjected to will never terrify us," said
Sadeq Raheem, a teacher who joined the demonstration organized by the ruling
Baath Party.

Iraq vowed revenge on Saturday for the air strikes, which it said killed two
civilians and wounded more than 20 others. Saddam and his top aides
discussed plans for military retaliation in the event of a repeat of the

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