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As far as I can tell, your reply does not say what the protestors were calling for.


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> CB: Are you saying that the protestors  in
> Tiananamen square in 1989 were protesting against
> the experiments with the market and for socialist
> economics ? That was not what I heard them calling
> for. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the
> market.


According to Hinton, the Chinese statue was not simply
a copy of the Statue of Liberty (though it bore some
resemblance) as the western press tried to imply. It
was most likely that of a girl called Liu Hulan who
was a heroine of the anti-Japanese war. There was no
crown of spikes on her head and she held the torch
with both hands.

About the protests at Tiananmen, this is what Robert
Weil says ("Red Cat, White Cat: China and the
Contradictions of 'Market Socialism'" by Robert Weil,
Monthly Review, Press, NY, 1996):

"A massacre did take place - but not in Tiananmen
Square, and not predominantly of students. The great
majority of those who died (perhaps as many as a
thousand in all) were workers or LAOBAIXING
('common folk,' or 'old hundred names'), and they died
mainly on the approach roads in western Beijing.
Several dozen people died in the immediate environs of
the square and a few in the square itself. But
to speak of that as the real massacre distorts the
citywide nature of the carnage and diminishes the real
political drama that unfolded in Tiananmen Square."

Please remember, socialism is supposed to be a higher
form of society than capitalism. According to Henry's
suave spin and those who toe his line here, Deng was
defending socialism at Tiananmen. Well, let us listen
to William Hinton, who was an eyewitness, describe
this 'defense' of socialism:

"At five o'clock  when I got back into the city I had


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