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>Once more on Kosovo, Serbia and Milosevic.   >The treatment of the Albanians in
Kosovo over the whole period since WW II  bears no comparison with that being
meated out to the Kurds.  The Albanians were a recognized national minority with
control of the courts police and  all other provincial institutions including an
Albanian language university in Pristina until the autonomy of Kosovo was
abolished in 1989.  This happened because the Albanian political leaders were
using their control to persecute and drive out non Albanian nationals such as
Serbs and  Roma as well as to intimidate Albanians who didn't agree with the
idea of a "Greater Albania".  Please do some serious research on this >issue.  
  Stewart, are you saying this to me? There is a HUGE misunderstanding going on.
I did not post the article to agree with it. Here, we post a lot of things we
don't agree. The purpose of my posting was to show how the Albanian issue and
Serbia bashing are reflected in the western media.The western media exploits the
Albenian situation by drawing incomparable analogies to the status of ethnic
minorities elsewhere.  Please, don't make comments without knowing my personal
opinions.   If you remember my previous discussions in this forum that I was
arguing that  Albanians are *not* an oppressed nation by any stretch.  They were
an independent nation before Serbia was disunited under NATO bombing in the
hands of imperialists. Under Milosovic, Albanians had much *more* freedom than
they have under Kustanica today . A month ago, I posted an article from Jared's
web site showing how KLA supporters persecuted non-! ! Albanians (ie Serbs) ,
and even Albenians, who were against the idea of secession from Yugo. I
explained how they became a proxy for US imperialism. Since I don't see
Albenians as oppressed by Serbs, I don't support Great Albenia by any stretch.
you are targeting wrong person.     >This whole Kosovo/Yugoslavia episode has to
count as one of the greatest >triumphs of imperialist propaganda since the end
of the second world >war.  The whole of the Marxist left seems to have swallowed
the hoax hook >line and sinker.   and the article is an *excellent* example of
imperialist propaganda.  that was the point..   >Serbia and Yugoslavia as whole
are the victims of another imperialist >destabilization campaign.  Wake up
comrads.   I am alraedy clear on this issue.  Whoever knows me knows me. Check
the archives of the list and my several defenses of Milosovic against Serbia
bashing. I posted a lot of articles from Jared's web site (emperor's clothes) on
several occasions before.     Please, correct your serious misunderstanding!
that is what I say.  

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