Fibonacci series -- and Culture

da dattam dadattam at
Mon Feb 19 17:47:03 MST 2001

--- Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> wrote:

> When Marxists talk about
> rationalism, we are using the word in an entirely
> different manner. We mean
> it as a descriptive term for the scientific use of
> labor power and natural
> resources for the benefit of humanity.

    Doesn't your formulation of "rational" load the
term?  Is there no way for Marxists to be economically
rational while the fruits of that rationality are
arguable as to benefit?  Is there no production of
orange soda and horror movies under Marxism?  Doesn't
Cuba produce (at least) tens of thousands of very
unhealthy cigars as well as foster the tobacco
technology of other cigar producers?

   It seems to me that "rational" has to have a
cleaner, more economic definition.

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