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> This just came through the USec list server. I think it is to be published
> in International Viewpoint. I wonder if Argentinian comrades would like to
> comment.
> Johannes

A short couple of remarks.

(a) Though the article is excessively abstract, its first part (the general
description of the social history in Argentina) is a good one, and gives a
fairly good account of what has happened here.

(b) The rest of the article (detailed analyses of roadblocks, etc.) is IMHO an
expression of the lack of a _political_ mind in the comrades who wrote it.

A previous comment. I am not against blocks, and have even participated in one
myself during the last general strike. We blocked a bridge giving access to
Buenos Aires from the South in the neighborhood where I live: an important
crossing of the Riachuelo river (although it is not as important a bridge today
as it was ten years ago --a new freeway has been built to the East).  We got
soaked under a storm that seemed to bring rain by the bucketloads, and the
tyres we had put to burn were cooled down by the rain, the fire eventually
being extinguished. But we succeeded in blocking the road.

But I can't but define all this insistence in road blocks, new historic
subjects, new organizational forms, and on and on ad nauseam is, in my
rudeness, as a new form of political masturbation. They are not a harbinger for
proletarian democracy.

In general, however, the article gives an interesting -though skilfully biased
against Peronist union leaders- view of what is happening in Argentina. This
year, however, politics will turn around the elections. Road blocks will not be
useful in this perspective, for many of the reasons pointed out in the article,
but they will of course still provide an avenue for people to obtain something
from our Quisling authorities.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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