history and class struggle

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Mon Feb 19 21:37:18 MST 2001


> Adorno's "freedom" was abstract, Enlightenment, freedom.
> This does not imply that I consider the fSU as a "free" place. But wherever
> there is class struggle there is a field where you can expand your personality
> and seek to enlarge that field. In my book, this is freedom, true freedom.

The nations and lands within the fSU were free, even though the working class itself
was not. Within the territory freed from the "world system" of Imperialism was the
fight against capitalism given new shape to gain partial victories within that
sphere. The reason nothing as such in Canada is socialist (although the measures may
give that smell) is that the very ground on which it is organized does not yet
deserve to be labelled delinked. Seige Socialism is the by-product of freedom from
Imperialism at home while it surrounds you and still defines you internally (in
opposition to imperialism, etc.). China, at the moment, still has land free from
imperialism while imperialism gets what could be called an extended tourist pass. It
is whether or not this pass will be revoked at a later date that will answer the
Chinese question.


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