Napster Action Network

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Mon Feb 19 21:58:02 MST 2001

[ bounced form unsubbed "Jose G. Perez" <jose_g_perez at> ]

Hi everyone. I've been out of touch lately.

People should give a visit to Napster. There's something new ...

The Napster Action Network.

Not clear yet what is meant by this ... but among the things they're
soliciting people for are:

  I'm willing to form or manage a local Napster Advocacy chapter
  I'm willing to recruit friends to help act on behalf of Napster
  I'm willing to join a local Napster Advocacy chapter
  I'm willing to write an email on Napster's behalf

That's in addition to what you'd expect, you know, write your congressthing
and so on.

    Sound like a way cool idea to me. I could relate to a revolution led by
Napster Advocacy chapters. Sure beats the shit out of joining your local
branch of the local PURCP (MELT[{AR}]--RF).

    For the uninitiated that's the People's Ultra Revolutionary Communist
Part (Marxist-Engelist-Leninist-Trotskyist [Orthodox/Anti-Revisionst] Red


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