HTML formatted posts will now bounce

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Mon Feb 19 22:05:12 MST 2001


Although overall I think this is a good idea, I hope it isn't being carried
out too strictly (i.e., bouncing every message than contains ANY html). It is
useful, for example, to be able to include active web links within email
messages (for those whose email readers support such a thing). For example,
here is a link to my web page:

<a href="">

Although the tiny bit of html around the link address is a little messy (for
those whose email programs do not translate the mess into a proper active
link), it seems a small price to pay to have the active link handy for those
growing number of people whose readers do support it.

--Scott Harrison

In a message dated 2/19/01 6:37:01 PM Pacific Standard Time,
schaffer at writes:

> We've set up the list now so that posts which are formatted in HTML will
>  bounce (to me).
>  I'll forward the first couple bounces for each subscriber, but after that
>  return them to sender for reposting in Plain Text.
>  There are numerous posts in the marxism archives on how to do Plain Text,
>  and i am more than happy to explain it once more to each person if need be.
>  To repeat the reasons for this move: it reduces the amount of data
>  transfered through the list by half for each post sent in HTML format, and
>  so a.) reduces expenses for Lou and b.)  makes downloading the email from
>  servers more pleasant for those people in locations where modem connection
>  is very slow.
>  les schaffer

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