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Brotherhood of man and roundworm
Ziauddin Sardar Monday 19th February 2001

The left can celebrate the latest news on genes, but not too much. By

Rejoice, my fellow lefties! We were right all along. Human beings, it
turns out, are much more than the products of their genes. Now that
scientists have actually read and analysed the human genome they
completed sequencing last June, biological determinists do not know
whether to laugh or cry. But they are definitely turning red all over.

The simultaneous publication of the results of the Human Genome Project,
by the publicly funded International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium
and the private American company Celera Genomics, contains many

The biggest surprise is the actual number of genes in the human
genome.For decades, scientists have been predicting there would be
between 80,000 and 150,000; the real number turns out to be around
30,000. This is hardly more than the tiny plant thale cress with 25,495
genes, the fruit fly with 13,601
and the roundworm with 19,099.

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