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Stewart Sinclair stewsinc at
Tue Feb 20 06:54:21 MST 2001

Stop taking things so personally.  My attack was against the contents of
the article itself.  I have not been on the list that long and had no idea
of your back ground on the issue.

My concern is that many so called Marxists in my own local area have be
bought into the anti Serbian propaganda and I have seen that kind of
position expressed on this list previously.  Part of the problem is that
there has been very little said about the Yugoslavian issue on this list in
time that I have been on it so it was not clear to that others had not been
disoriented in the same way that I have observed in "Marxists" in this area

I will write more when I have time.

Stewart Sinclair


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>     For those who are too lazy or prejudiced to look it up here is a small
>     sample of Milosevic's rhetoric.
>You either stop this accusation or admit that you have done wrong. Address
>your critique to the author of the article  *not* to me. I posted the
>article with the intention of displaying the *manipulations* of the
>western media of the ethnic Albanian situation..I did *not* post it to
>agree with it. Also read my previous post to do a damn favor to
>Or check the archives of the list to see my defense of  the socialist
>federation of Yugo against the secessionist demands of Kosova

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