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Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Tue Feb 20 11:27:17 MST 2001

Nestor wrote:

> J. Schneider wrote on the list, quoting the German magazine Telepolis:
> British security
> authorities resort to intimidation to cover up a series of state-sponsored
> killing British journalists, police officers and Army  undercover
> intelligence agents are increasingly in battle with each other as  an
> intelligence scandal threatens to expose a series of state-sponsored
> killing of the kind more commonly associated with former South American
> dictatorships than with a modern western European nation."
> Funny.
> In South America, we always knew that those state-sponsored killings were
> the  actual face of "modern Western European nations".
> It is interesting to note the persistence of chauvinist prejudices, even
>  well meant journalists.
> Such is imperialism.

Certainly, but Telepolis is not socialist at all. It is liberal, but quite
good (on a factual level) when it comes to secret service activities and
attacks on civil rights. It is quite widely read by IT-people, who are
rather libertarian, than any kind of left.


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