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Subject: letter about Reder's treatment of Hayek

Dear Professor Ebeling (and other recipients),
      I am writing to you to urge that the letter that is being
drafted by you in conjunction with others please be focused
solely on the treatment of Friedrich Hayek by Melvin
Reder and not make any reference to any other issues
raised in or by the article.
      The reason that I am sending you this message is that
when this issue was raised initially on the hayek-l list in a
message from Ralph Raico, a number of remarks were made
in that message about the article in general.  As you may know,
the listowner has not allowed discussion of any other issues
relating to that article which means that the claims in that
initial message by Professor Raico have never been disputed
on that list.  However, I strongly feel that there are serious problems
with some of his remarks.  I also withdrew from the list in protest
of the restrictions on discussion of the article that were being
imposed by the listowner, although I believe that I understand
what his motives were, and remain off the list as of this time.
       In any case, I believe that if a letter were to be sent to
Crauford Goodwin, editor of HOPE, containing some of the
remarks or claims in that initial message to hayek-l, Professor
Goodwin would probably throw the letter into a trash can and
with good reason.  Therefore, I do strongly hope that the letter
does stick to the subject of Reder's treatment of Hayek regarding
which I see little disagreement among a wide variety of observers.
       Again I wish to reiterate my willingness to sign such a letter
presuming that it is appropriately worded.
Yours truly,
J. Barkley Rosser, Jr.
Professor of Economics
MSC 0204
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807 USA
rosserjb at

Louis Proyect
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