A season for treason

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I once met Phil Agee in a private gathering and spent several hours talking
with him. Whatever his sins while with the CIA, and he seemed driven by
genuine desire to atone, he was/is in a very different space and camp than
this Hanssen seems to be. I would recommend Agee's "On the Run" for some
background of what he has been through as a result of his class betrayal;
this also points out the class nature of the term "treason" itself, as,
after all, those who were considered "traitors" in nazi Germany for example,
people like Dietrich Bonhoeffer et al, were later celebrated as heroes at
Nuremberg, while those considered "patriots" were later tried as criminals
and ultimate "traitors".

This Hanssen, from what I can gather from preliminary information, was
driven not by money or ideology but rather by narcissism and a desire to
"beat the system" of which he was an integral part and major player. That he
allegedly spied for the USSR and later Russia, does not make him a "traitor"
to imperialism in general but perhaps only to a particular branch or flavor
of worldwide imperialism.

Not long ago I got a visit from a Department of Defense investigator doing a
high-level security check on a former student of mine who was dumb enough to
use me as a reference (without checking with me first.) Well the
investigator shows up to my office, full of various anti-imperialist posters
and memorabilia from leftist causes past and present, and of course did a
double take. Since I have approximately 160 students every quarter, and this
person had been my student two years before, I couldn't remember much about
this student.

He asked me if the guy did dope or was cavalier about using dope. I pointed
out that I did not know and had no idea, but since this guy's future
commander in chief refused to answer if he had done cocaine, and by all
indications had been busted for cocaine in 1972, perhaps if the kid had used
dope, he should just let it slide and passs it off to a "wayward youth." I
pointed out that this student probably didn't have the "illustrious
pedagree" of an Aldrich Ames (father 30 years CIA) but hey, "pedagree" can
be a bit deceptive eh? I also pointed out that I'm sure the student's father
had not financed the rise of Hitler from 1924 onward or sold nazi bonds
after Pearl Harbor as George H.W. Bush's father and father-in-law had and
George Sr and Jr had both been summarily granted highest-level security
clearances. I also pointed that I had no indication that this student was a
homophobic/closet drag queen like J. Edgar hoover who also held the
highest-level security clearance and I had no indication that his student
had ever engaged in massive criminal conspiracies and multiple felonies as
Nixon and virtually every other U.S. president had--all of whom held
high-level clearances. And I'm sure this student had never been part of
producing enemy aircraft like the nazi Focke Wulf 190--produced by ITT an
American company, to shoot down U.S. and allied aircraft and as late as 1967
ITT, an "American" company received "reparations" payments for the allied
bombing of the nazi Focke Wulf plants.

When I got done with this investigator he had a glazed look in his eyes. I
did point out that his student might have a lot of guts--and integrity--to
use my name as reference after being exposed to two quarters of some of my
views on the essential ugly nature, dynamics and effects of U.S. imperialism
and that perhaps it was time to give security clearances to those without
the usual Yale, Skull and Bones, family-in-the-business conventional
pedagrees thought to be the most acceptable and free of "treasonous"
propensities. I also pointed out that as "one person's freedom fighter is
another persons terrorist", so "one person's 'treason' is another person's

Oh well, it was fun...

Jim Craven

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Jim Farmelant:
>Do you think that Hanssen is comparable with former CIA agent Phil Agee?

No, Hanssen seems comparable with the characters on "Survivor".

Louis Proyect
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