NASCAR reality

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Thu Feb 22 02:15:03 MST 2001

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Many USA newspapers featured the death of NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt, who
crashed at the Daytona on Monday, on the front page, including the "grey
lady" NY Times. Nowhere have I seen any mention of the ugly reality behind
the NASCAR circuit:

The Boston Globe, August 11, 1999

2 lose NASCAR jobs after racial prank

Two NASCAR Winston Cup team members were put on indefinite suspension by
the sanctioning body and subsequently fired from their jobs as motorcoach
drivers for Derrike Cope and Terry Labonte because of a racially
insensitive prank they played on a black crew member of Jeremy Mayfield's


CB: I thought it was interesting that in trying to explain the place of Dale Earnhardt
in the sport I heard a couple of fans say he was " like Michael Jordan or Tiger
Woods", to Black athletes

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