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"Native Americas is the representative voice of indigenous peoples of the
Western Hemisphere."
--Gwitch'in Athabascan, 1999

"Indian journalism has matured. It gets better and better, as times
require more and more sophistication. The work of the Akwe:kon Press has
been the leading edge in all of that, instructive and with a sense of the
discovery for the possibilities of the craft. Native Americas has been the
crowning touch."
--John Mohawk, professor of American studies at SUNY Buffalo

"Nowhere else will you be able to get such powerful, knowledge-filled
--Wilma Mankiller, Former Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation

February 21, 2001

Dear Friend,

In the past few years, several Native publications have folded.  Native
Americas intends to survive and thrive. But we need your support. It is
crucially important that you subscribe to Native Americas and receive our
most recent issue, "Education-The Nightmare and the Dream/Indian Boarding
Schools: Past and Present." This poignant issue reports on the horrific
and institutionalized mistreatment of young Indian students in U.S. and
Canadian Boarding Schools and the establishment of a $350 million
"healing" fund to rectify a legacy of systemic abuse.

Used by hundreds of educators and scholars, and thousands of students,
Native Americas is the only leading hemispheric journal that provides
in-depth coverage and examination of contemporary Native American issues
from indigenous perspectives. Our contributors include a wide range of
Native and academic authors who approach complex issues in ways that are
understandable and documentable.

Native Americas has become the publication of choice for many Native
leaders and educators, from the Gwitch'in Athabascan of Alaska to the
Kekchi Maya of Guatemala, due to its timely, dependable and critical
coverage. That coverage has won Native Americas and Akwe:kon Press
numerous journalism awards over the years from the Native American
Journalist Association (1994-2000).

Frequently cited in the Native and non-Native press, from Aboriginal
Voices to the New York Times, Native Americas is highly-recommended for
anyone wanting to learn of the continuing legacy of Americas original

We invite you to subscribe to Native Americas and join our growing list of
informed readers who share in this important source of American Indian
thinking.  Subscribe to Native Americas by calling (800) 9-NATIVE or by
visiting our web site at for the most
complete, in-depth and compelling coverage of 21st Century Native America.

It is time for more people to hear directly from the Native Americas.  It
is time to open the door to the serious and substantive voice of Native
peoples throughout the Hemisphere.

Help us to continue publishing Native Americas. Join us by subscribing and
receiving Native Americas at your home.  I know you will not regret it.
I thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.


Jose Barreiro
Editor in Chief

P.S.: Have your local school or public library subscribe to Native
Americas and extend its periodical collection to include the most
significant and substantive educational journal on contemporary Native

Native Americas Journal
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American Indian Program
Cornell University
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To begin your subscription to Native Americas Journal call
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