A season for treason

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Thu Feb 22 08:19:13 MST 2001

>>> jcraven at clark.edu 02/21/01 09:24PM >>>

This Hanssen, from what I can gather from preliminary information, was
driven not by money or ideology but rather by narcissism and a desire to
"beat the system" of which he was an integral part and major player. That he
allegedly spied for the USSR and later Russia, does not make him a "traitor"
to imperialism in general but perhaps only to a particular branch or flavor
of worldwide imperialism.


CB: From what has leaked out in the monopoly media, this guy actually may give some
hope that the U.S. system has some spontaneously self-destructive tendencies, factors
that might go into a crisis "objectively" generated , i.e. not by working class
conscious revolutionaries, but it's too early to know, I am emphasizing one aspect,
and we may never know.  It does seem that he _is_ an authentic secret agent , regular
type, all-american.  In other words, if he could be against the system, anybody could
be against the system. That's some pretty fierce alienation and self-destructiveness,
for just trying to beat the system.

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