HTML formatted posts will now bounce

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Thu Feb 22 10:29:38 MST 2001

1.) Scott wondered:

I hope it isn't being carried
out too strictly (i.e., bouncing every message than contains ANY html). It
useful, for example, to be able to include active web links within email
messages (for those whose email readers support such a thing).

The procedure we have for bouncing HTMl __formatted__ posts does not in any
way affect the posting of URLs to the list. in fact the message you sent
contained a URL which was properly made-linkable in my email app. if your
email program is having problems making links active, write me offlist and
we'll fix it. but it is not a problem with our bounce system. [ the
difference is one between including and HTML address vs. having a whole
email formatted as an HTML/MIME attachment.]

2.) Ambrose said:

I support strict text-only and hope attachments can be
banned too.

we started bouncing attachments some months ago, with good results.

3.) Some subscribers are using web-based email applications, some of which
refuse to turn _off_ HTML formatting. we will try to work out a solution for
those cases in such a way that does not inconvenience these comrades. for
example, i might wrote code to reformat a bounced HTML-formatted message and
resend, which will make life easy for web-based readers.

for the moment, we will leave the HTML bouncing in place, with the goal of
educating users who have access to "smart" emails in the how-tos of
plain-text posting, while developing a more automated scheme for those
comrades enjoying web-based email apps.

les schaffer

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