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Thu Feb 22 12:27:08 MST 2001

>To clarify the issue. For those using earthlink not only as their browsers
>but also as their e-mail, there is no plain text format as an option. It
>reads and sends as html. Instead of expecting others format their posts, I
>recommend earthlink users to switch to netscape or internet explorer
>(eudora) as their e-mail. Thanks Lou that he helped me figure out the
>problems with earthlink's format. He is always helpful and communicative in
>technical matters.
>bye, Mine

This is not just an issue for the Marxism list, Henwood's list is dealing
with it also as this exchange should make clear:

> LEO -- PLAIN SCRIPT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, but we have been through this. I have done everything I can do to make
AOL as close to plain script as possible, and unless you can come up with
something else, I have no idea what else to do. Yelling instructions that
don't work is not a solution.

I am stuck with AOL, for better or for worse. It is what the UFT uses for its
staff. My UFT address bounces to my AOL address.

BTW, as my digest comes in all sorts of colors, and in all sort of fonts,
clearly other posters have much more of a problem than I do with AOL.

Leo Casey
United Federation of Teachers

Now some people have told Leo that does handle plain text, but if
it does, it is not obvious how to choose it. In general, I have found it
less confusing all round to use a separate tool for email such as Eudora or
even the hated Microsoft Express. There are several reasons for this:

1. Eudora et al retrieve the mail from your ISP and puts it on your own
hard disk in a folder called "incoming" that allows you to respond offline.
This means that you only have to be online long enough to get new mail.
With web-based email like Hotmail, Earthlink webmail, AOL, you tend to
spend more time online than necessary. Obviously this is a way for some
greedy corporation to make obscene profits.

2. Eudora allows you to filter your incoming mail into separate folders. I
personally find this extremely handy since all of the Marxism list goes
into a separate folder and allows me easy access without having to go to
the archives to find information from past postings.

3. Eudora makes selecting options such as "plain text", signatures,
replying style, etc. easy to select. Web-based email, even when it has such
options, is generally not as user-friendly. At least that's been my

Tomorrow I plan to post some recommendations on browsers that might prove

Louis Proyect
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