Further clarification on HTML

Xxxx Xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx at xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx
Thu Feb 22 12:40:38 MST 2001

For marxism subscribers using earthlink mail or any other e-mail program
that does not contain plain text, they can switch to euroda as their e-mail
program, and download from (http://www.eudora.com). The advantage of this
is that you can still use your earthlink as your browser while using the
other as your e-mail. however, the disadvantage of this is that there is no
direct link between earthlink browser and eudora e-mail, so you need to
miminize the former in order to have the latter as each time you check your
e-mail. My best advise is: 1) use internet explorer. there is a direct
llink to eudora  program under "read me". so you don't need to minimize
your browser to open your e-mail. 2) use netscape as both your e-mail and

bye, Xxxx

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