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Thu Feb 22 12:50:45 MST 2001

At 02:35 PM 2/22/01 -0500, you wrote:
> >To clarify the issue. For those using earthlink not only as their browsers
> >but also as their e-mail, there is no plain text format as an option. It
> >reads and sends as html. Instead of expecting others format their posts, I
> >recommend earthlink users to switch to netscape or internet explorer
> >(eudora) as their e-mail. Thanks Lou that he helped me figure out the
> >problems with earthlink's format. He is always helpful and communicative in
> >technical matters.
> >
> >bye, Xxxx
>This is not just an issue for the Marxism list, Henwood's list is dealing
>with it also as this exchange should make clear:

actually, Henwood's list is dealing with more serious issues, such as those
using nick names
to deceive the subscribers.

bye, Xxxx

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