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Thu Feb 22 18:44:49 MST 2001

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Dear Mr. or Mrs.,
I wrote to this address before for information about Karl Marx and his
philosophy.  Right now I am at a state in my research where i had to
interview someone who has experience in the area.  Because of the tremendous
response i got from the first letter, and I thank those who did respond
dearly, I decided that i would send five questions to this address.  Anyone
who would take the time out of their day and answer my questions would be
greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much for your time.



1.  How has Karl Marx affected your life? Both positives and negatives
2.  If you know, why in your mind did Communism fail in the former Soviet
Union and succeed in China?
3.  What are the main principles of his Communist philosophies?
4.  If Applies, How has believing in socialism or communism helped you, or
rather how it has affected you?
5.  In what ways has Karl Marx helped the world?  In which ways has he

Thanks again.  If you could just write your frst name, or a made up name (so
i dont know your identity) that would let my teachers know whos, whos.
You one more time.


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