Zedillo Reward for Theft- A Seat on Union Pacific Board ofDirectors

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Thu Feb 22 14:52:12 MST 2001

What this Reuters news item leaves unsaid, is that Zedillo presided over
the privatization of a national treasure, and asset, the Mexican state
run railroad system.    Once extensively used by Mexico's poor for basic
transportation at an affordable price, line after line is being
abandoned, or already has been.     Most lines that don't turn an
immediate lucrative profit, are being run down into total disrepair.

The intercity bus lines are the dangerous, costly, and ecologically
destructive alternative that many find themselves unable to afford to
use.     Federal transportation policies there, also have led to
increased monopilization and profiteering.

Plus, the switch to highway intercity transportaion has led to another
misuse of Mexican federal funds.... those used to produce tollroads for
trucking and transportation companies along traditional routes left in a
dangerous state of disrepair, causing fatal accidents by the thousands.
But rich cronies get richer, by feeding off of federal highway
construction contracts.     And a patronage system is left behind, of
tollroad employees, and tolls levied.

Zedillo's hand picked 'opposition' candidate, Vicente Fox, is widely
thought to be headed for instituting a similar nationalization of Pemex,
the state owned oil and natural gas company.      What Board of
Directors seat awaits him at what US company 6 years from now?

The legacy of Mexico's modern privatization to benefit US
multinationals.... from Salinas Gortari to Ernesto Zedillo, to today's,
Vicente Fox.

Tony Abdo

Union Pacific names Mexico's Zedillo to board
22 Feb 2001 16:23

OMAHA, Neb., Feb 22 (Reuters) - Union Pacific Railroad's parent said on
Thursday former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon was
elected to its board of directors.

Union Pacific Corp.  said its railroad unit, the largest in North
America, is the largest rail transportation link with Mexico, with
operations at the six border gateways. Last year, its Mexican revenues
rose 19 percent to a record $850 million, and in January they increased
6 percent.
Union Pacific also owns 26 percent of Ferrocarril Mexicano, one of two
major railroads within Mexico.

Zedillo, 49, becomes the company's 14th board member. He was Mexico's
president from 1994 to 2000.

"(Zedillo's) vast knowledge of economic and trade issues will help to
guide our growth strategy across our entire rail network in the years
ahead," Union Pacific Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Dick Davidson
said in a statement.

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