Fw: [FI-P] Daewoo Workers Solidarity

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at SPAMgmx.net
Fri Feb 23 01:50:01 MST 2001

Below is an account of the Daewoo srike from 'Power of the Working Class
(Preparatory Group)', that came through the USec list.


Solidarity with the Daewoo Motor Workers!
Condemn the Kim Dae-jung Regime!

A Call for International Solidarity Action by the
Power of the Working Class (Preparatory Group)

The workers of South Korea have suffered yet another violent and brutal
crackdown at the hands of Nobel Peace Prize-winner President Kim Dae-jung.
On the afternoon of February 20, over 4,000 armed riot cops stormed Daewoo
Motors' Bupyong plant, which was being peacefully occupied by several
striking workers and their families. Many were viciously beaten and 76 were
taken in for questioning. The cops have detained 7 union leaders and are out
to arrest 29 more. The very next day, on February 21, Daewoo's creditor
gave the company a pat on the head for the crackdown by extending the credit
period and providing it with even more funds. This shows who this is all
basically for, whose interests the whole vile affair is all about. As this
being written, arrest warrants are also being drawn up for the top leaders
the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions.
The Bupyong workers had begun a strike on February 16, in opposition to the
company and regime's mass sacking of 1,750 workers. What's more, many of
1,750 are the key union activists and militant workers in the plant - an
attempt to destroy the union in Bupyong. This sacking comes on top of some
3,500 that have been laid off since last November, and thousands more since
the collapse of the Daewoo empire in late 1998. The completion of Daewoo
Motors' restructuring and its sell-off overseas is vital for the onward
of the regime's neoliberal "reforms", which are nothing but a desperate bid
to salvage a deeply crisis-ridden capitalist economy at the enormous expense
of working people's living conditions and democratic rights. Its result is
billions of dollars of handouts to the corporate robbers, while working
people suffer more and more unbearable hardships. And when workers resort to
mass struggle to defend even the little they still have, the regime thunders
down with batons and boots. It is nothing short of a war on South Korean
working people.
However, since the crackdown, the workers have courageously begun to
They are holding daily rallies in Bupyong and attracting the support of
workers and organisations. In response, the regime has deployed even more
cops and are attempting to suppress any attempts at protest. It is almost
like a return to the days of military rule when we had to converge at
pre-arranged locations to hold surprise demonstrations.
We urgently call on the international workers movement to take immediate
solidarity action to place international pressure on the vicious Kim
regime. We request protests and industrial action to target the South Korean
government's embassies and consulates, Daewoo Motors outlets and service
centres, as well as any other South Korean government representative
institutions and figures.
· Stop the mass sackings!
· Kim Dae-jung regime Resign Now!
· Release the Arrested Now!
Nationalise Daewoo Motors!

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