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Fri Feb 23 07:01:57 MST 2001

Hi Lou:

Re semantics and politics: Total War

Tony's reply about Total War is interesting. The problem is he has a
definition of Total War that is different than the definition that most
people who use the term have.

The result is confusion.

Tony has an analysis that 1) the ruling class of the United States it is
constantly at war with the rest of the world - and that they will go, and
are going, to any lengths to win. And 2) that the rest of the people of the
United States either ignore it, or are to one extent or another unaware of it.

I agree with Tony's basic idea.

However, when I see the phrase "total war" in print - not just in Colombia,
but in English language journals - they refer to scorched earth politics.
That definition of the term would mean that F15s would have already leveled
San Vicente de Caguan, which they haven't.

My advice Tony, is try to convince people of your analysis, and don't fight
the battle over terminology.

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect
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