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Fri Feb 23 07:47:04 MST 2001

Comrades should visit the website of Softskull Press at,
a small, fearless publishing house in NYC dedicated to radical and cultural
analyses. I have purchased Michael Zezima's "Saving Private Power The
Hidden History of the 'Good War'" on-line from them and recommend it
highly. They describe "Saving Private Power" as the most provocative
history of the WWII, the "good war", ever published. Quite right. They also
have a page of recommend links that is done with a literary flourish in
keeping with their trade. Here is how they describe us. As one of my
favorite shock jocks once said, "I don't care what they say about us, just
as long as they say something."

The official website for an email list dedicated to Marxism. Louis Proyect,
the moderator of the list is a former Trotskyite who now appreciates
Castro's Cuba, but there are many points of view here. The archives are
well-done and easy to follow, and this page could be something great. The
FAQ is neat, as are the quotes from the capitalist class and the "Words of
Struggle" section. The worst part is the list itself. Like the rest of the
Internet, the list archives are a mixed bag of rant, insight and
brickheaded stupidity. Better to view it from this page than dive right
into the list, for most people, but I find it irresistible.

Louis Proyect
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