Portrait of the ruling class

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Leon Trotsky, "History of the Russian Revolution":

Throughout the whole reign of Nicholas and Alexandra soothsayers and
hysterics were imported for the court not only from all over Russia, but
from other countries. Special official purveyors arose, who would gather
around the momentary oracle, forming a powerful Upper Chamber attached to
the monarch. There was no lack of bigoted old women with the title of
countess, nor of functionaries weary of doing nothing, nor of financiers
who had entire ministries in their hire. With a jealous eye on the
unchartered competition of mesmerists and sorcerers, the high priesthood of
the Orthodox Church would hasten to pry their way into the holy of holies
of the intrigue. Witte called this ruling circle, against which he himself
twice stubbed his toe, "the leprous court camarilla."

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