Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Fri Feb 23 09:30:14 MST 2001

Sorry, that was a suggestion half tongue-in-cheek.

This particular title is a view of the Chinese
Revolution from a Trotskyist (read: anti-Stalinist,
anti-Maoist) perspective.

The reason I say "half tongue-in-cheek" is because
while it would be a great title to translate, if
they're working for the PRC government I don't really
think they will publish a translation of a book
critical of the CCP leadership.

But if they can...By all means, recommend the title.


---  George Snedeker <snedeker at> wrote:
> was the following meant as a question, or a comment?
> "The Chinese Communist
> Party in Power" by P'eng
> Shu-tse? A.L.

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