[Fwd: Gender depowerment: UNDP data on male and female suicidein the world system]

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Fri Feb 23 15:36:32 MST 2001

I don't want to get into the meaning of the differences between the
sexes in suicide rates throughout the world.      However, these tables
thoroughly debunk the entire premise that depression is primarily a
genetic problem, or chemical imbalance problem.     In other words,
trying to tack on the capitalist medical model to analyzing depression,
is a severely defective and unscientific methodology.

The variance, in the rates in different countries, shows the impact of
cultural and social factors in determining the level of depression in
various societies.    This is to say, that the environment plays a
bigger role than physical disease states in causing this severe
pyschological desequilibrium that results in suicide.

The same style overview of similar tables of data by country, would also
rapidly implicate the overwhelming role of environmental and societal
factors in causing eating disorders, and hyperactivity/ attention
deficit disorders.


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