A Query Concerning a Book on Engels

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at SPAMjuno.com
Fri Feb 23 17:59:38 MST 2001

A friend of mine who is currently in India doing research for a book on
the Indian economist Kumarappa, asked me the following question:

"(2) a fairly well known book on Engels
published some 30 years ago - by an Englishman, if I
recall correctly - described him as, in effect, a
vulgar Marxist, reducing Marx's ideas to more dogmatic
and less refined form (e.g. in the funeral tribute),
coming up with weak arguments in "Dialectics of
Nature," etc. My friend hasn't heard about this book,
and would like to read it. Can you send me the title,
author's name etc.? If I recall correctly, the author
may have written a popular little paperback about
Engels in some kind of "philosophers of renown"
series; this may or may not be his only book on
Engels. "

I was wondering if you or anybody on the list might
know what the book and author that he is referring too?

Thank you,
Jim F.

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