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John Landon nemonemini at
Fri Feb 23 20:40:55 MST 2001

Beside Levine's The Tragic Deception, there is a
successor Dialogue within the Dialectic.
The problem with Levine's thinking, although his book
is worth reading, is that you must agree that Hegel's
Dialectic is superior to methods of science, and then
be very clear what the difference is with Marxist
dialectic. The Second International period struggled
with this dilemma and it is a litte easy for a
connoisseur like Levine to find a decline in
understanding of dialectic, for what really is the
answer? Now the analytical Marxists are insisting just
the opposite. Get rid of all dialectic and embrace
current social science.  I might suggest the book by
Tom Rockmore, Before and after Hegel, where he goes
into the breakdown of Kant's system, followed by
Reinhold, Fichte, Schelling, Hegel, with the struggle
over systems, the foundations of systems, then
foundationless systems, then circular systems (!!??).
To succeed from this to Marxian dialectic is fine if
you are Marx, the rest of us are liable to run out of
time to master it. Levine's perspective is a bit
hoitytoidy. It all seems like a labyrinth in which it
seems almost inevitable for a working Marxist group to
become lost. Thus I could hardly say  then that one
should drop dialectic, but caution that
misunderstanding is almost inevitable, and to be very
wary indeed of this collision of science and

John Landon
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