marxism-digest V1 #3249

A Nonimus vze29nth at
Sat Feb 24 01:17:55 MST 2001

I think the people are far less good and intelligent than socialists seem to be.
Socialists will
almost definitely never succeed in changing anything unless a socialist/marxist group
simply takes
power and then re-educate the people.  It would  need to be able to destroy all of the
people at any
given time, this is key because firepower controls everything.  Capitalism is slowly
squeezing and
shrinking what little power socialism still has.  Disguise as a capitalist maybe, but
in the end keep
in mind that socialists are smarter and more good than the majority, and they will not
socialist uprisings because if they do they will suffer even more and maybe even die,
will see to that.  Socialism/marxism/communism/good must have the overwhelming
firepower in it's
control.  Maybe after re-education the people will understand, but that can't be
relied on by

But there is a tiny tiny chance the people might change.  But why would those above
the 50% mark in
society help those below it?  Conscience maybe, but I think the power and lack of
conscience of those
at the top is being greatly underestimated.

Equality must be urged and enforced if need be, and loyalty to goodness can be the
only loyalty.

That's how I see it anyway.


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