book intro, Part I

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Sat Feb 24 14:48:17 MST 2001

oh, Michael, I am so sorrry. i did not notice the intro was written by
you. I thought the parts you posted was written by editors, and you
wanted us to comment upon. I am saying in my reply " the author is
arguing that etc.." I meant someone different. you are the last person I
would be critical of.

cheers, Xxxx

Michael Yates wrote:
> Xxxx's comments are well-taken.  The editors wanted a book dealing only
> with the so-called developed capitalist countries, and I was planning to
> use the US, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Japan, South Korea,
> and New Zealand.  This isn't made clear in the introduction.  I am not
> sure this is a worthwhile project.  Better to deal with capitalism as a
> whole and include the imperialistic relationship between US, et. al. and
> the rest of the world as a key part of the argument.
> Michael Yates
> Xxxx Xxxxxx wrote:
> >
> > I liked the theme of the book, but a couple of first hand observations.
> snip

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