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Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Sat Feb 24 16:09:01 MST 2001

I think you are right in what you say here, Xxxx.     I was unclear in
what I was saying.      It is not variances in different cultures in
different parts of the world that is to blame for the different rates of
levels of depression and other psychological disorders.     It is rather
the variance in the degree of advance of capitalist atomization of the
previous culture, whatever that might have been.

As one example, I come from a part of the world that was dominated by a
conservative, apartheid religionist culture founded in the Southern
Baptist Church.     It was very good at churning out large numbers of
extremely hypocritical and virulent, White racists.      But they were
not so much individually.... suicidally depressed, hyperactive, and
grossly obese racists.

This same sort of metamorphis has occurred in the Black community in
this region.     At first, one might be tempted to singularly applaud
this devolution of the earlier society.     Because the previous
situation was neither too pleasant, nor too fair, for the vast majority
that grew up into adults here.

But another closer look leads to a different conclusion.    With all its
major defects, the cuture that was disintegrated here, had communities
and familiar relations established in a functional, workable unit.
What is in process now, lacks any of those unifying attributes.

A society that once doted on its children, now throws them into little
factory model daycares...     That have no outdoor areas, but provide
children with McDonald play areas instead.

Instead of extended families, young children are handed 'GameBoys'/
television instead, to occupy their time.     Instead of hunting and
fishing and cooking activities, children are handed microwave dinners
and animal videos to play on the VCR (by themselves).     Mom and Dad
might be working in the middle of the night, and sleeping in the
day......     Sleep-deprived parenthood.....extended relatives on the
other side of the country.... neighbors only marginally known.

Anthony had earlier stated that it is better to be a child in Colombia,
in many ways, than it is to be a child in the US.      I happen to agree
with him.     That is, because Colombian society has not been advanced
into the equivalent level of atomization of its earlier society, in the
way that the US has.

I have just relocated from San Antonio to Laredo, Texas.     My 4 year
old daughter loves it, in a way.      Precisely because the Mexican
influence is stronger here.     That translates into.... more kids, less
supervised, to play with.....   instead of the small regimented units of
daycare in a box.

Daycare in a box.      That's what provides the foundation for more
pills, more fat, less attention span.     Next comes education in a box.
Followed by work in a box.     It's work to go, please.    With french
fried potatos.

How far does this capitalist mindset extend?     The other night we had
hospital administration upset, because a dead body occupied the
allocated 2 hour slot, beyond the 2 hours due it by policy manual.
They wanted to yank the body away from relatives arriving to pay their
last respects, directly into the morgue!

Another nurse felt pressured to go into the room and yank off the
telemetry box from the deceased 90 year old, in front of 6 relatives
that were assembled and crying.   That's because the telemetry tech had
'loaned' wthout charge the unit to verify that the patient was indeed
dead!     Only 5 minutes per tele- unit on a loan, please.

This is something that nobody finds in a traditional culture, in any
part of the world.    And it is this atomization caused by capitalism,
that causes soaring mental disease.

One can only laugh in contempt at all the 'scientific' blah-blah-blah,
that tries to correlate hormones, chemicals, genes, and cranial
measurements to statistically account for the variances, hither and

Tony Abdo
<it seems that the root of the problem is capitalism, not culture.
depression is the direct result of capitalism's shaping of cultural
practices in line with the model of atomistic individual and profit
motive that the capitalist system needs as its cultural components.

Actually, it is interesting to ponder why so many people in the US use
so many anti-depressents whereas in the rest of the world, with much
more acute economic and social problems, anti-depressents or any kind of
psychological medication are not as common. it must be the price of
ruling the world.>
adios, Xxxx

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