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Sat Feb 24 17:23:02 MST 2001

Tony Abdo wrote:
> But another closer look leads to a different conclusion.    With all its
> major defects, the cuture that was disintegrated here, had communities
> and familiar relations established in a functional, workable unit.
> What is in process now, lacks any of those unifying attributes.
> A society that once doted on its children, now throws them into little
> factory model daycares...     That have no outdoor areas, but provide
> children with McDonald play areas instead.
> Instead of extended families, young children are handed 'GameBoys'/
> television instead, to occupy their time.     Instead of hunting and
> fishing and cooking activities, children are handed microwave dinners
> and animal videos to play on the VCR (by themselves).     Mom and Dad
> might be working in the middle of the night, and sleeping in the
> day......     Sleep-deprived parenthood.....extended relatives on the
> other side of the country.... neighbors only marginally known.
> Anthony had earlier stated that it is better to be a child in Colombia,
> in many ways, than it is to be a child in the US.      I happen to agree
> with him.     That is, because Colombian society has not been advanced
> into the equivalent level of atomization of its earlier society, in the
> way that the US has.

Exactly, Tony. that is what I had in my mind!

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