A question on Marx and the State

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> Specifically I am looking for people who have analysed the state and
> discussed the way in which franchise, institutional structures (eg the
law or
> the media) have accommodated political struggle and prolonged capitalism.
> Furthermore, from an economic point of view, the way in which Keynesian
> economic management attempts to use state apparatus to mitigate the
> contradictions in capitalism. Anyone who speaks on such issues, or any
> contemporary who writes on how Marx spoke on those issues would assist my
> work greatly.

1. Leo Panitch-Colin Leys, "The End of Parliamentary Socialism: From New Left
to New Labor"

2. Mike Davis, "Prisoners of the American Dream"

3. Ralph Miliband: "Parliamentary Socialism: a study in the politics of
and "Capitalist Democracy in Britain"

4. Nikos Poulantzas, "Political Power and Social Classes"

5. Robert McChesney, "Telecommunications, Mass Media and Democracy"

6. R. Jeffrey Lustig, "Corporate Liberalism"

7. Ernest Mandel, "Late Capitalism"

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