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> [ bounced > 30 kB from Michael Yates <mikey+ at>, Part I ]
> Here is the intro to a book I had been workin gon.  Now I'm not sure I
> think it is worth writing.  Comments welcome.
> Michael Yates

It will be an excellent piece, to judge from the intro. But now, Michael, a
general suggestion. Why, since you seem to have drafted a good case against the
idea that "globalization" is a "natural, abstract" process, not try to wage the
battle for terminology, and substitute "globalism" for "globalization".
"Globalism" implies that there exist "the globalizers" and "the globalized",
which is basically, if I am not wrong, the gist of what your book demonstrates

I know it is hard to go against the current on this, but it is not a minor
issue. One of the strengths of the enemy's propaganda lies, precisely, in this
assimilation of politico-economic historic movements to natural phenomena.
"Globalization, precipitation, hydrogenation" all convey the idea of something
out of the reach of human action. "Globalism, imperialism, capitalism", on the
contrary, put things where they must be.

Maybe it is time to begin speaking plain language, and to challenge the
perverted message of globalizers. There is no "globalization" at all. There is
globalism, the -hopefully- final stage of imperialism". Why not give things
their true name?

If this is not to be the final stage of imperialism, then this is to be the
final stage of human species (and probably of most forms of life) on planet
Earth. We can do it.

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