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Sun Feb 25 00:33:42 MST 2001


I'm not sure if this will be useful to your current project, but on the
subject of democracy, the state and capitalist control, Ernesto Laclau
"Politics and Ideology in Marxist Theory"  NLB 1977, is worth a look.

Stewart Sinclair


At 12:05 AM 25/02/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Subject: A question on Marx and the State
>I am currently doing my Honours thesis and have a question to ask anyone
>who is interested.
>I am looking at the relationship between capitalism and the liberal
>democratic state, and considering the way in which their structural
>relationship has changed and elongated the nature of capitalism. In doing
>this I am considering Marx's analysis of the state and capitalism, and
>analysing how he did and didn't deal with the issues (and thus
>consequences) of evolving representative democracy in the late 1800s.


>Thanks for your help,

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