Marxist state theory.

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Amanda wrote:

> I intend to thus look at the treatment of representative democracy
> in Marx and Marxism to see how an analysis of this phenomenon
> contributes to a more complex analysis of the contemporary state as
> it exists in developed capitalist ‘democratic’ countries. My basic
> question is does anyone know of any references to or authors (who
> consider themselves Marxists) who deal with representative democracy
> in relation to capitalism.

Dear Amanda,
I am reading on this topic myself at the current time.  In the most
recent issue of Science and Society (vol. 64, no. 1, spring 2000), a
Marxist journal, there are two articles dealing with this topic (I was
just about to start reading them when I checked my email).  Another
work is that of Bob Jessop, "The Capitalist State".  All these works
will refer to and cite the Milibrand and Poulantzas debate of the
later sixties and early seventies.

Also I have found of interest Gidden's discussion in "A Contemporary
Critique of Historical Materialism" and "The Nation State and

Finally, I also found of interest a work by Alison Edgley, "The Social
and Political Thought of Noam Chomsky", which tries to tease out the
implicity theoretical framework of Chomsky and its relationship to
Marxist theory.

I hope this helps.

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