(Spanish) Education as business

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Sun Feb 25 10:51:11 MST 2001

Education is big business, especially in production of textbooks,
buildings, and school equipment.     But to really get to the heart and
essence of American McDonaldlization of education, one should enroll in
a 'community college'.

After all, McDonalds is the food for the working masses, and the
community college has to be the 'university' for the working masses.
What strikes one immdiately, who has seen more than one CC's curriculum,
is that it is the same hamburger world wide.

That is that the 'first 2 years of university' have been reduced and
rationalized and standardarized into a bloc of mush.     What the heck
is it???

Well one thing it sure is, is that it is the same cubic weight and
calories that will be found in Des Moines or Tulsa, Springfield or
Tacoma.      Measurable, yet immeasurable at the same time.     English
101, History 101, Psychology 101, English 201, History 201, Psychology
201, etc. and equal.     Yum.

One would like to say that all this changes after graduation, and a move
to doing the 3rd and 4th year at places like....Fitchburg State College,
Concordia Teachers College, Hamburger University, or Texas A&M at

There, the masses will be handed a certificate that states that they had
a meal, same as the folks over at Harvard and Yale.     It's hard to say
where the Argentine educational system can be fitted into this fine
foundation of world education that us Americans have fabricated?     But
it is save to say that the issue is being surveyed and laid out in a
measured and systematic manner.    Construction will soon be underway.


Some remarks by an Argentinean expert in educational issues, written in
a vaguely Socratic manner, point out the McDonaldization of education
that lurks under the cover of the educative propositions by the World
Worth reading.


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