marxism-digest V1 #3253 -- George Soros on PBS

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Sun Feb 25 12:03:00 MST 2001

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Lou P cited NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS, The World on a String by ROBERT
SKIDELSKY, a review of Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism by
George Soros

List members may be interested that Robert Skidelsky is from a family
of Russian landowners expropriated after 1917. He is also the
biographer of John Maynard Keynes, and supported the Social Democratic
Party, a right-wing offshoot of the British Labour Party in the 1980s,
in the House of Lords. I was at college with his son Edward, a nice
bloke, if very much into free market economics. He and I had some
interesting debates in class discussing the Russian Revolution and the
Soviet Union.

Paul F

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