Views on Marx and Keynes and the End of History, Part I

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> It is not an exageration to say that without Marxism, the Third World
> would not have been able to overthrow cimperialism/colonialism.  It
> was Lenin's political interpretation of Hobson's link of Marxist
> surplus capital seeking new markets and the birth of imperialism that
> gave the Third World the intellectual energy to oppose the White Man's
> Burden.

Certainly so. Not exactly the energy, which wells out of the outrageous
conditions that plunder imposes on these countries, but the only adequate way
to turn it into succesful revolution.  In the end, it is easy to understand
why:  when confronting the local ruling classes, which exist independently of
but as a necessary function of the global imperialist system, those who oppose
the White Man's Burden (but, what about those like us in the River Plate, or
the Russians, Yugoslavs or Bulgarians who are opposing the "Other White Men's
Burden"?) are in the end confronting the central class of global capitalism,
that is the bourgeoisie. Since Marxism is the only theory which makes
destruction of bourgeois rule its founding stone, it is the only one that can
serve the purpose of fighting for the overthrow of imperialism/colonialism.

Permanent revolution.

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