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Tony Abdo aabdo at
Sun Feb 25 21:16:55 MST 2001

There is no real 'drug war', because there is no real war against the
money laundering that feeds the international banking system.     We are
talking about hundreds of billions of dollars PLUS over the years.

There can never be a *real* campaign against drug money laundering
operations from the imperialist core, because drug trafficking is too
entwined with money laundering from other sources of theft in the Third
World countries.     The immediate beneficiaries are the corrupt
nationalist stooges of imperialism, that rob and pillage national wealth
in alliance with imperialism.    And the ultimate beneficiaries are the
major stockholders in the international banks, themselves.

So, it is easy to see that a globalized drug trade can only be endemic
under neo-liberalism.      It has nothing to do at all with American
consumers of the illegal drugs, as many liberal/conservative Third World
commentators like to project.      It has to do with the entire
financial structures of international commerce.     The banks are the
true drug addicts.    Or more correctly, they are the true addicts of
money laundering.

In reply to Anthony, I should not ever underestimate the ignorance of
the general American public about Colombia.    You are right.      But
that's the point, exactly.

The only thing  Americans will want to associate with Colombia is.....
drugs-Colombia-guerrilla/ gorilla-cocaine.      This is a public that
will support 'total war' (and is), as long as no US body bags are
involved.     I am not so optimistic that the US military cannot pull
off a large amount of murder and mayhem in a 'clean' manner.       At
least for a lengthy while.

Still, there are major grounds for optimism.      Compared to
yesteryear, there is now a much greater focus upon analysis of the
US-Colombian interventionism, by US and world Left circles.       The
tide has begun to turn against the secrecy of the US presence there.

And an understanding is beginning to build, about the centrality this
area of conflict will have in the future of world capitalism.      The
key is to translate that new interest in *Colombia*, to building a new
international movement against it.      This has to be connected to
opposing the 'Drug War' at home.

And, last I have a few bones to pick with Tony's reply.

He wrote,
"Most of the American population now sees the question of Colombian
intervention as a necessary battle for the future success of the 'Drug
War', which they support.     This approval of interventionism
against the 'Narco Guerrilla', comes from the overwhelming majority of
liberals, too.
    How sad."

Anthony again .....
I think that Tony is giving the "American population" way too much
credit in the "aware of the world" department. I bet you ten dollars
that the majority of people in the United States do not know or care
where Colombia is, what language people speak here, or whether or not
this country has anything to do with drugs, guerrillas or war.

Going to war in Colombia is not a popular crusade among the "American
population" even if some people in the USA would like it to be.

And, if the USA were to send combat troops here in any significant
numbers, a lot of them would come home in body bags.

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