International Adoption and Imperialism

soil_ride soilride at
Sun Feb 25 23:24:10 MST 2001

I came across this posted message while looking at adoption search engines.
It's actually the first time I have heard it and now I am beginning to think
about it.  The search is a personal one and being an International Adoptee
myself, I am finding myself disgusted at the laws in certain countries, in
the US and Third World Nations that deal directly with the adoption process.
I have not however made a connection between International Adoptions and
Imperialism.  In fact, (or perhaps I am already biased in my anger against
adoption to realize) I almost feel that there is a connection.  I have no
way of knowing if this point is legitmate or not...or if there is a direct
relation to adoption and imperialism...

Any thoughts?

Here is the posted message:

I've been considering adopting a child from Lebanon (I'm Lebanese) and
while looking for information I found Bastard Nation, and then this
newsgroup.  I'm overwhelmed with what I'm learning here, and thank all
the bastards (especially Lesli) for the insight I'm gaining.  I knew very
little about adoption before now.

For the most part I've been disgusted with what I've found in mainstream
books, mags, and agencies dealing with adoption.  What I have learned
about international adoption practices has been horrifying.  I want to
share some of what I'm thinking about this here--for feedback, opinions,
or maybe to start a discussion.

Some countries with adoptable children:  Korea,  China, Vietnam,
Colombia, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Haiti, El Salvador, Mexico,
Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil,
Panama, Belize, Portugal, Ethiopia, Russia, Romania.

I see a direct relationship between u.s. imperialism and international
adoption.  Nearly every country that has attempted to replace its
governing system with a liberationist/communist one is currently on the
u.s. list for international adoption.  U.S. imperialist practices and
policies have created the need for adoption in the nations it
destroys--then sends its citizens to reap the spoils of war:  children.
Whether orphaned through war or poverty (both u.s.-imposed), third world
children become objects of the noble American's Mission--assuaging guilt
and filling hearts with joy.  The new adoptive parent becomes hero,
accomplished missionary, savior.  Imperialism continues, on an individual
scale.  Now the target of colonization is the mind of the child, relieved
of her birth parents as well as her country, brought to the land of
opportunity to be remade in her adoptive parent's image:  patriotic,
proud, strong.  Kill the commies, take their children, and turn them into
god-fearing, thankful capitalists.  Of all new international adoptive
parents, the liberals seem the cruelest.  They teach their brown child
her heritage, salting the wound.  She'll never go home.  She IS home,
here in the land of her tormentors.

l. farha

in solidarity

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