"Albanians wage war of race hate"

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Sorry for quoting whole exchange before I add my contribution. Impossible not
to do so. Anyway, not too long.

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Macdonald Stainsby dijo:

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> > Louis Proyect wondered:
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> > > [Isn't it interesting how the liberal British press has just discovered that
> > > the KLA was infested with xenophobia and irredentism, bordering on fascism.]
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> > Certainly, but what are you making out of it? Has the KLA finsished its
> > service for imperialism?
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> > Johannes
> Or another question: Of what use could the KLA still be? I'm at a loss for that.
> I would bet that Rugova and the "Democratic League" are far more useful now. The
> problem with fascists is they tend to place themselves above the bourgeoisie
> from time to time.

Things are a bit more complex. The basic fact is that you cannot pour the toxic
soup of colonial subjection through people's throats, and then get straight
into power. The "Democratic" leagues, unions, organizations, and so on, are
very obvious representatives of subjection to foreign power. Thus, the normal
step to take is to climb the ladder with the help of right-wing, ultra-
nationalist (preferably strongly religious) movements, which are discarded once
they are not necessary any more. But they will remain, lingering in the dark,
for the eventual moment when they are necessary again.

This has been the Argentinean experience since, at least, the 1930s, when we
even had a Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Manuel Fresco, who _at the
same time_ boasted of right-wing nationalism and a Fascist ideology much
tainted by Roman Catholicism, while he was the best ally for British
imperialism in the River Plate. The "undemocratic" or "democratic" cloak is a
matter of circumstances. What counts is the relation towards the Empire.

I believe that Macdonald's analysis below gives the KLA too much credit. We are
not speaking of a central, developed capitalist nation. We are talking of a
wretched, peripherical, strangely strained area of South Eastern Europe, where
nothing is what it looks, where (this one for lovers of that scoundrel Borges)
realities are refracted in an infinite game of reflecting mirrors, where the
only powers that count are either those from abroad -nothing to do with Hitler,
whose power spurted out from well within the German formation- or the
revolutionary forces of the local population.  Tertium (that is, local reaction
that does not count on foreign support) non datur.

> Hitler even came up with the "personality tax", right? The
> KLA are too independent. They have served their day, Milo and socialism is
> extinguished in the Balkans and the fascists must now make way for the
> democrats. Why would Yugoslavia buck this usual trend?

Certainly. At the risk of becoming boresome again: exactly what we had in 1955

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