Value theorists at war

Michael Yates mikey+ at
Mon Feb 26 08:55:37 MST 2001

Boy, when Levy sounds reasonable, you have to wonder.  Since I am one of the
defendants in Kliman's suit, I won' t comment except to say that Mason's and
Skilman's comments are remarkably judicious and restrained.

Michael Yates

Louis Proyect wrote:

> [This comes from the archives of OPE-L, a mailing list of perhaps 80-100
> professors and PhD candidates devoted to arcane discussions of the
> "transformation problem", etc. I visit it from time to time for amusement.
> Andrew Kliman, one of the regulars on OPE-L who belongs to the "News and
> Letters" sect-cult around the late Raya Duneskaya (she was "Forrest" to CLR
> James's "Johnson" in the 1950s), has been embroiled in a huge controversy
> with the editors of Review of Radical Political Economy (RRPE) which was
> launched in the 1960s by the Union of Radical Political Economists (URPE).


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