"Albanians wage war of race hate"

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> > Certainly, but what are you making out of it? Has the KLA finsished its
> > service for imperialism?
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> > Johannes

> Or another question: Of what use could the KLA still be?

Comrades, let's make the long talk short. What is the political character of
KLA? I have posted an article by Jared, actually, an interview with
Albanians, from the _Emperor's Clothes_ a month ago. There is no questioning
there. Go and read it. Then let's discuss your views about the interview. If
he wishes, Jared may enlighten us too. I know you guys are sempethatic to
Kosovo Albanians, but the bottom line is there is hardly anything we can
expect from KLA that can "finish their service for imperialism", let alone
promote any kind of independence for Albanians. Look at the broader picture.
Now, it is easy to idealize or victimize KLA because a pro-western agent,
Kusto, is in power. What happened before then? Under Milo? Instead of
_uniting_ with Serbians against NATO,  KLA completely took advantage the
NATO occupation by _continuing_ to press secession from Serbia. What is this
if not an opportunistic nationalism in service of hidden imperialism? NATO
bashing of Serbia and KLA  bashing of  Serbia converged because their
enemies were the same: Serbians. The interview proves all sorts of
chauvinistic tendencies within KLA  directed against Serbians during the
NATO occupation. Even some of the Albanians themselves admit that KLA was
using oppressive measures against anti-KLA Albanians who were rejecting to
secede from Serbia. It further documents evidence concerning KLA'a relations
with western powers.  It is easy to idealize KLA based on the information we
get from the western press. instead, we Marxists should get to the heart of
the matter. I don't think Albanians were oppressed by Serbians at any point
in history. Their status was equal to that of Serbians. They had their own
education, the right to use their language, elect their own representatives
etc.. Now that they are unequal because there is a sham democrat in power
moving the country in the capitalist direction, and failing to deliver any
kind of justice to ethnic minorities. Serbia moved away from the notion of
"equality of nations" under a united federation of YUGO. This was the hidden
aganda NATO was trying to head the country towards. .
of course, I am not only concerned with KLA here. For example, i have the
same criticism towards Bosnian Muslims who took strategic help from the
Turkish government who joined the NATO forces, and several secterian
Islamist radicals ( wishing to wipe out Milosovic whom they thought an agent
of  western imperialism ) etc.. etc..

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