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> >Also, can anyone suggest where to locate a good defination or
> >explanation of corporatism in Italism fascism?
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> >Jack A. Smith

Jack, for a review of varieties of corporatism in the first and third
worlds, you can sheck out Taha Parla's dissertation _Kemalism, Ziya
Gokalp and Corporatism in Turkey_ (or something like that). Although it
is specifically related to Turkish political economy, it reviews the
literature on corporatism from a Marxist perspective, discussing Comte
and Durkheim's notions of organic solidarity and class harmony, and
pointing out the differences and similarities between the two, and their
influences on economic thinking and some third world nationalisms in the
beginning of the 20th century. Then he jumps to discussion of german
idealism and italian corporatism. I always find his book useful as a
reference point. As far as I remember, he also makes the point that
corporatism is a specific bourgeois world view based on the anti-marxian
notion of class harmony and solidarity. One has to look at the class
character of regimes in question. A country's economy can be designed
along corporatistic lines without having corporations (per se). In the
Turkish case, Kemalism's version of centralized corporatism fits into
that typology. Latin American varieties of corporatismo may be similar

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