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We are dealing with a number of cases of Indian children taken from their
mothers, with the mothers set up to appear crazy and unift, then Catholic
Child Services, CASA, the YWCA and Child Protective Servces has one year to
either reunite the child with the biological (Indian) mother or, more
likely, adopt the child out to a non-Indian family (They get $6,000 for each
child adopted out, the adopting family gets $8,000 plus $547 per month and
Child Protective Services gets 3 dollars back from the Feds for every dollar
paid out to the adopting family; they have a direct and real incentive not
to reunite Indian children with their biological mothers.

In the case of Cindy Martinez, she is Shasta/Modoc but since Shasta were
decertified by BIA as a "viable Tribe", Cindy is seen as "non-Indian" and
therefore not subject to any protections of ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act)
although CASA, in a phone call to me, attempting to initimidate me from
pursuing Cindy's case, referred to Cindy and her child Camille as "The
Indian mother and her child".

Camille, since in the custody of Clkark County CPS, has been documented to
have vaginal tearing and bite marks on her back, The CPS caseworker said to
me that it "must be something else than sexual abuse"; when asked what
"else" could it be, he had no answer.

This is an old, old story; it happened to my mother via the Mormons who are
very active in snatching and programming Indian children.

Jim Craven

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That's the details I have at the moment.

Camille is in a foster home with a family whom a
relative of is a convicted child molester.

CASA has admitted the vaginal tearing and the bite
marks have been seen by Cynthia and Jim Craven.

Camille complained about having mud rubbed on her eyes
before she goes to bed and a mean man coming in almost

She makes sexual actions with toys she plays with.

Camille is not allowed to call Cynthia her "mommy"
when they are together. She is told it is

The UN Convention on Genocide, Article 2, Section e
states as a condition of genocide "forcible removal of
children from one group to the other group."

CPS has been ordered to make video tapes of the visits
by the court, and has since refused.

CASA in Washington state gets $8000 for every child
they take into custody.

When a child gets adopted, CASA gets $6000 which in
Washington state goes to the head social worker in the
form of a bonus.

For every dollar that is spent on the foster family,
CASA gets three times that amount back.

I'll forward this to Jim Craven, too, and maybe he can
shoot you out some more details before the event.

Hope your doing well, Tina, and hope to see you there.

Eugene Johnson
(He Who Laughs A Lot)

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