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Yes,I meant Yugos, of course. Important correction. The problem with
ethnic nationalities in Yugo was that they mistakenly thought Yugo
belonged to Serbians. this is a false perception. The same perception
had existed among the independent nations of former communist USSR that
Soviets belonged to Russians only, and states were oppressed;
underpriviliged etc.. This was not true in any technical sense, because
every nation had an equal standing in relation to political authority,
as it was written in the constitution. Yugo federation was based on the
socialist principle of equality of nations.  No nationality dominated in
any identifiable sense. Serbians may be a majority (I don't know), but
this does not mean that every majoritarian rule is destinied to oppress
minorities. Majoritarianism should not be conflated with oppression.
Instead, we meed to look at the specifics of the issue. Were Albanians
deprived of their cultural rights? Were they prevented from practicising
their own language?  was there an apartheid regime? were they put into
manual labor? were they forced into slavery? was there a segregation?
No. So I don't see the point for Albenian demamd for secession, frankly,
especially if the country under question was under colonial domination
and NATO bombing. It detracts attention from larger issues.

adios, Xxxx.

Louis Proyect wrote:
> Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx wrote:
> "NATO bashing of Serbia and KLA  bashing of  Serbia converged because their
> enemies were the same: Serbians"
> A slight though essential correction, Xxxx: the common enemy were not
> _Serbians_, the common enemy were _Yugoslavs_. There is much more than a
> name  in this difference.
> Hugs,
> Lic. Néstor M. Gorojovsky
> Louis Proyect
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