Subject: Re: International Adoption and Imperialism

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At 02:34 AM 2/26/01 -0500, you wrote:  Comrades  I came across this posted
message while looking at adoption search engines.  It's actually the first time
I have heard it and now I am beginning to think  about it. The search is a
personal one and being an International Adoptee  myself, I am finding myself
disgusted at the laws in certain countries, in  the US and Third World Nations
that deal directly with the adoption process.  I have not however made a
connection between International Adoptions and  Imperialism. In fact, (or
perhaps I am already biased in my anger against  adoption to realize) I almost
feel that there is a connection. I have no  way of knowing if this point is
legitmate or not...or if there is a direct  relation to adoption and
imperialism...    Any thoughts?


I spent two weeks in February and March 2000 mountain biking in Guatemala. We
travelled high up in the Cuchamatán mountains, visiting Mayan villages and
staying with local people. Everywhere we heard horror stories about children
being kidnapped by agents working for international adoption agencies. In
Guatemala City, we noticed a number of North American couples in our hotel who
were there to adopt babies.

On the plane returning home, there were several white couples with Indian
babies. At Bush airport in Houston there was even a separate immigration line
for couples with newly adopted babies! I asked a Continental Airlines official
if this was usual, and he told me there were three or four such couples on each
flight out of Guatemala City, several times a day.

This is clearly a big business.

A month after my return, there was a report in the Ottawa Citizen that Japanese
tourists who had descended on Todos Santos Cuchamatán, a village I had visited
for three days, were attacked by a crowd who thought they were there to steal
babies. A tourist was killed, and the bus driver seriously injured.

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